Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank You So Much!

Hello Friends!  I hope these past weeks have been great to all of you!  I'm sorry that I've been scarce on my blog, but it looks like I will not be posting as much as I'd like to for a little while.  I've already started my Chemotherapy last week Tuesday ... 10 days ago.  I have 5 more treatments to go over the course of 4 and a half months, then my mastectomy, then radiation.  And theeeeeennnnn ... SUNNY DAYS!!!  Woooot wooot!!!  Can't wait!  :)

I have all my scarves, beenies, hats and turbans ready and washed ... all patiently waiting.  ;)  Yep .. I'll be the new Hippy Chic on the block!  hehe!  :)  Any day now I shall be looking like my hubby .. bald and hopefully just as fabulous as he looks!  ;)  I've already told him that once hairs start coming out ... I want him to shave my entire head.  I'M READY!!!!  (I think?!  LOL!!!)

Anyway, I really wanted to THANK all of YOU who give me so much love and support!  I truly appreciate each and every single one of you .. and if I could reach through this screen to hug you ... I most definitely would!

I wanted to thank all the wonderful ladies involved in the following hops ... as they have all brought TEARS to my eyes with their love and support.

The Inking Pink Blog Hop involves so many WONDERFUL girls ... all TALENTED crafters from around the world.  They have put together an amazing blog hop in order to raise awareness of Breast Cancer.  I'd especially like to thank my Sweet CLP Sisters and my former lovely Beary Scrap Sisters for your incredible support that you've given me.

And Belles 'n Whistles newest "Snowbaby Collection" Blog Hop (which I'd like to add is simply FABULOUS!!!)  has been dedicated to Jacque and I ... sigh ... Thank you so much fabulous girls!  The wonderful owner of Belles 'n Whistles .. Summer .. will be generously donating 10% of all proceeds to Breast Cancer Research!  Wooot Wooot!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!

And of course, I'd also like to thank Cheryl ... for putting together a card drive for me.  This is soooo sweet of you for knowing that I'd love to keep smiling through this storm.  I appreciate this sOoooOOo much!

To all of the ladies mentioned above, and to everyone that sends me the well wishes and support through your comments and emails ... I love you with all my heart!  And I also want to thank all of you beautiful women who have lovingly sent me flowers, cards and gifts .. you have all brought a smile to my face that I wish you could see.  I appreciate EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU OUT THERE!!!

Although I am not on my blog much, and I don't go out into blogland much right now .. know that I am thinking of you! 

Until next time ... ROCK ON SISTERS!  And keep those smiles!!!  ;)  Thank you soooOOooo much for always putting a smile on my lips!

May the best of your todays, Be the worst of your tomorrows
Love you All,

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Love to All of You

Hello Friends!  Happy Sunday to all of you!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed it!  :)

I wanted to drop in on my blog and do a quick post to Thank Each and Every Single one Of you!!  You have all brought tears to my eyes with your loving messages, and such kind and warm wishes and full blown support.  I am so touched beyond words as to how much each of your comments/emails means to me in this worrisome time.  Some of you have even emailed me with personal stories ... and I want to THANK YOU .. for taking the time to share your stories with me to give me hope and courage!  You all made me want to reach out and HUG you so tight!

With all of your support ... I feel like I have an ARMY of WONDERFUL women standing alongside of me ready to fight with me!  I know I have a battle up ahead, and knowing that I have my LOVING family and AWESOME friends beside me rooting me on ... I will come out with sunny days ahead of me!

I also want to thank all my sisters at CLP for sending me a wonderful surprise at my doorstep:

A STUNNING white and soft pink arrangement with the most sweetest scent and most kindest support!  The poor flower delivery guy must have thought he did something to make me cry.  LOL!  Thank you so much girls for bringing me happy tears.  :)  I love you all sooo much!

And also I want to thank another dear friend Jacque ... who has taken me under her angel wing (I love you Jacque).  She battled breast cancer AND is now CANCER FREE ... WOOOOT WOOOOOT!!!!  I am so proud of her for being such a strong survivor!!!  Most of you that have come to my blog to send me love was sent over from Jacque .. thank you soooo much!!!

To all of you who have come here and given me so much love and courage ... I truly love each and every single one of you.  Really .. I do.

I will try to keep you posted soon.  :)   CANCER SUCKS!!!!!  hehe!  :)

May the Best of Your Todays ... Be the Worst of Your Tomorrows

Friday, October 8, 2010

Spread Awareness

Hello dear friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful Friday ... yayyy .. the weekend is here!

I have a bit of news to share with you, something that I've been debating about, but decided that it's a good thing to share to raise awareness and give love and support to those who have Breast Cancer.  I have recently been diagnosed as having Breast Cancer earlier this week.  There are more tests to be done to see if it has spread, since some were in my lymph nodes.

Yes, this news is very confusing for me and most of the time I am okay, but there are times when I just break down.  I think once I finish all the other testing and know what treatments I have to do .. I'll be okay .. I just want to get everything going so that I can fight my way back to becoming cancer free.

It's funny how a bit of this news will make you look at everything differently.  Make you look at things a lot closer.  I will always appreciate every single second of every single day, I look at other people and wonder what their hardships are in life and think, "May God be with them every single step of the way."  And I know that I will love with more than my entire being!  :)

The hardest part for me is looking at my little 4 year old son.  He is the love of my life, my sun, my stars, my everything.  I get scared thinking of everything, but then I pull it together for awhile and think, "I just wanna get this over with!  I wanna be GREAT again!!!" 

I found the lumps of mine by accident in the shower.  I wasn't looking for anything, but my fingertip accidently felt a bump as I was rinsing off.  So ladies, please ... when you're in the shower ... routinely check yourself and get familiar with what your skin/bodies look and feel like. 

I received a bag full of info, along with this beautiful hand quilted pink/green blanket at the doctors.  Along with it came a pink/white "Heal" teddy bear .. which of course has been taken lovingly by my little boy.  hehe!  :)

Also, if you know of any success/survivor stories, I'd love for you to share them with me ... as I find it uplifting.  Here's my email addy so you can share it privately with me:

Thank you so much for reading this long post and I know you are right here with me.  :)  I hope you will understand that for a while I may not be posting comments on your sweet blogs as I will feel okay for a minute, then exhausted the next .. and I've got a lot of information to read up on in those books!  Whew!  :)

May the Best of your Todays ... be the Worst of your Tomorrows,

Belles 'n Whistles NEW Challenge Blog!!!!

Hello!!!  I am here to announce some exciting news!!!  You are going to LOVE it as we girls at Belles 'n Whistles are all sooo stoked about this!

We have a NEW CHALLENGE BLOG for Bellens 'n Whistles!!!!  Wooohooo, Yipppeeee, Yayyyy!!!  Our most AMAZING Lynda worked her MAGIC and whipped up this INCREDIBLE new Challenge Blog!!!  Whoa .. we are all FLOORED by her gorgeous work!

Okay, so now our challenges will be held at the new Belles 'n Whistles Challenge blog AND it will be held bi-weekly!!!  You'll have more time to play with us and have fun!  ;)

Soooo .. hope you'll all be sweeties and follow our new challenge blog here and play in our bi-weekly challenges!!!  Go and check it out!!!  There's lots to enjoy .. and you'll even get to read about our very own Sweet Summer (who is the owner of Belles 'n Whistles), the most AMAZINGLY talented Elisabeth Bell (the illustrator behind all those most LOVED images), and all of my lovely DT sisters!  :)

Can't wait to see you there!

Friday, October 1, 2010

CLP's October Challenge!

Update 10/01/10 10:00am ... the winner of my Belles 'n Whistles blog candy is Risa!!  She will get to choose a stamp of her choice from the newest and fabulous "Changeabelles Colletion".  ;)

Hello!  Oh man, it's October 1st already?!  Cripeys!!!  Okay, so you know what this means?!!!  Another super FABULOUS challenge over at CLP Challenge!!!  Of course our lovely Chelsea whipped up another BEAUTIFUL sketch to play with!  Yayyyy!!!!  Thank you Chelsea!!!

And this month, our sponsor for CLP is Spesch Designer Stamps!!!  They graciously let us pick a newly released image!  Thank you so much!!!  The winner of this challenge will receive 4 digi images .. and I must say .. they're all so wonderfully CUTE!!!!

Soooo, here's the image I chose and the card I've made:

She's sooo delightful to play with!!!

The Fun Stuff:
Papers:  K&Co
Medium: Prisma Colored Pencils

I sure do hope you'll join us at CLP challenge!  How could you not?  There's a gorgeous sketch and a lovely prize!!!  :)

Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving me such wonderful comments!